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1st and only Aldine edition of 6 classical geographical and topographical works

MELA, Pomponius.
MELA, Pomponius. De situ orbis.
SOLINUS, Gaius Julius. Polyhistor.
ANTONIUS, Augustus. Itinerarium provinciarum.
VIBIUS SEQUESTOR. [De fluminibus ...].
VICTOR, Publius. De regionibus urbis Romae.
DIONYSIUS PERIEGETES. De situ orbis Prisciano interprete (Poema de orbis situ).
(colophon: Venice, "aedibus Aldi et Andreae soceri" [= in the house of the late Aldus Manutius and his father-in-law Andre Torresani d'Asola], 1518). 6 works in 1 edition. 8vo. With Aldus's woodcut device on the title-page (repeated on the final, otherwise blank, leaf) and numerous spaces with guide letters left for manuscript initials. Set entirely in the famous Aldine italic. Later vellum made from a leaf of a 16th-century manuscript choir book.
€ 1,500
First and only Aldine edition of a collection of six classical works on geography and topography, five in the original Latin and one translated into Latin from the Greek. Aldus had included the Greek text of Dionysius's De situ orbis in his 1513 edition of Pindar, but the present edition provides the only Aldine texts for the other five works and for the Latin translation of the Dionysius. This Aldine edition quickly became the standard source for these works.
Early owner's inscriptions. With occasional minor foxing but still in very good condition. First and only Aldine edition of six classical geographical and topographical texts.
Ahmanson-Murphy 171; Renouard, Alde, p. 83, 6; USTC 841939.
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