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Seven revised ornithological offprints by Napoleon's nephew

BONAPARTE, Charles Lucien.
[Collection of revised ornithological offprints from Comptes rendus].
Paris, Mallet-Bachelier, 1855-1856. 4to. 7 parts in 1 volume. With a collective title-page for several of the offprints: Tableaux paralléliques des oiseaux praecoces ou autophages. Gallinacés, échassiers, palmipèdes et rudipennes (Paris, 1856) and all first leaves of the quires signed with a "B", indicating a revised offprint. Modern half morocco.

Coup d'oeil sur l'ordre des pigeons. Paris, 1855.
Tableaux synoptiques de l'ordre des hérons. Paris, 1855.
Catalogue des genres et sous-genres d'oiseaux contenus dans le Muséum Brittanique. Paris, 1855.
Note sur les oiseaux des Iles Marquises, et particulièrement sur le genre nouveau Serresius. Paris, 1855.
Tableaux paralléliques de l'ordre des gallinacés. Paris, 1856.
Excursions dans les divers musées d'Allemagne, de Hollande et de Belgique, et tableaux paralléliques de l'ordre des échassiers. Paris, 1856.
Ornithologie fossile servant d'introduction au tableau comparatif des ineptes et des autruches. Paris, 1856.
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Collection of revised ornithological offprints from Comptes rendus (a French scientific journal published since 1666), by Charles Lucien Bonaparte, a well-known ornithologist and nephew of Napoleon. Included are taxonomic classifications of various birds, including pigeons, herons, galliformes (gamefowl) and ostriches, birds found in the collections of various museums in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Marquesas Islands, and also a review of George Robert Gray's Genera and subgenera of birds (1855). Apparently several similar collections were published, containing various articles by Bonaparte from the Comptes rendus.
Some foxing near the edges, otherwise a good copy. Ronsil 294; Zimmer, pp. 72-77.
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