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Extremely rare collection of disastrous Dutch voyages, with 13 engraved plates

Schouw-tooneel van wederwaardigheden of verzameling van rampspoedige en ongelukkige reistochten, van en naar verscheide gewesten van den aardbodem, gedaan door Nederlandsche en andere schepen, …Including: [CAMSTRUP, Nicolaas Jansz.]. [Drop-title:] Rampspoedige reys-beschryving, ofte journaal van het ed: Oostindische Compagnies schip Blydorp, … [STEENIS, Hendrik Cornelis]. Journaal wegens de rampspoedige reys-tocht, van … Hendrik Cornelis Steenis, ... Met het oorlogschip genaamt het Huys in 't Bosch, … Vyfden druk.[LOP, Martinus]. Weederwaardige te huys-reyze, van het Neerlandsche Oost-Indische-Compagniesch retour-schip, gezegt de Gerechtigheid, … gevoerd by den capitein-luitenant Martinus Lop, …[MORIN.] Twee rampspoedige zee-reyzen, den eenen gedaan door den ed: heer capitein Morin, met een Fransch Oost-Indische Compagnie-schip, genaamt Le Prince, … Den anderen, met het Hollandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie schip, genaamt Rustenwerk, … Tweede druk.[JONGE, Marten de]. [Drop-title:] Verhaal van het droevig ongeluk, dat het Nederlands Oost-Indisch retour-schip Nieuw Vyver-Vreugd, gevoerd door schipper Marten de Jongh, … [and 17 other accounts].Amsterdam, Bernardus Mourik, [ca. 1778]. 5 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 13 engraved plates and 1 engraved frontispiece to the second part. Later marbled wrappers.
€ 8,500
Extremely rare collection of accounts of disastrous 18th-century Dutch voyages, published by the Amsterdam bookseller Bernardus Mourik, active from 1735 to 1791. He had published parts 2-4 separately after 1751, but reissued them here together with part 1 (a 1735 edition by another publisher) and the new part 5, the latter including a list of the voyages in all 5 parts, the whole with a general title-page. We have located only one other complete copy, now at the Library of Congress.The first part gives an account of the aftermath of the shipwreck of the VOC ship Blydorp commanded by Captain Haye Blaauwhuysen, written by Nicolaas Jansz. Camstrup. The ship left the port of Texel on 6 July 1733 and ran aground in the night of 7 to 8 August off the coast of Guinea. The crew left the ship, travelled into the country, where the indigenous people murdered many and took the rest prisoner. Eventually they were released and reached the nearby French post in Gorée, in present-day Senegal. It is followed by Captain Haye Blaauwhuysen's own account of what happened after they reached Gorée. The second part is an account of the shipwreck of the Dutch warship Het Huis in 't Bosch off the coast of Morocco, commanded by Captain Hendrik Cornelis Steenis. Reports are given in the form of 15 letters relating the proceedings of captain Steenis and his crew in North Africa, their encounter with the King of Morocco and their deliverance at Gibraltar.The third part is the first and only edition, no doubt first published in 1755, of an account of the return voyage from Batavia to the Netherlands of the Dutch VOC ship De Geregtigheid, commanded by Captain-Lieutenant Martinus Lop. After having endured many disasters on the coast of southern Africa, the ship was finally able to reach castle Rammekens in Zeeland on 1 December 1754.The fourth part is the second edition of a compelling account of two fatal voyages, of the French East Indiaman Le Prince, and the VOC ship Rustenwerk (or Rust en Werk). Le Prince, commanded by Captain Morin, left the port of Lorient on 19 February 1752, sailing for Pondicherry. The voyage had passed quietly when fire was discovered in the ship. It spread fast, and the ship exploded when the fire reached the gunpowder magazine, leaving only 10 survivors. The second account relates the seizure of the ship Rustenwerk, a 650-ton Dutch East Indiaman. Moored off Ternate, it was taken by the pirate Frans Fransz on 28 June 1751 and some 12 passengers (including the Captain) were killed. The survivors reached Batavia by way of Makassar and sailed for Holland. The VOC eventually managed to retake the ship, but Frans Fransz escaped with the valuable cargo. The account includes a list of 210 VOC ships lost in the period 1688-1752 through disasters, mutiny, piracy etc. The fifth part is the first and only edition of a collection of short descriptions of 18 shipwrecks in the years 1756 to 1778, including the disastrous voyage of the Dutch ship De Margaretha commanded by Pieter Franklief, heading to the Caribbean island Sint Eustatius; Captain Meeuw Hendrik Rolwagen's account of his voyage to the Dutch colony Berbice in South America; and the account of the Dutch whaler De Vrouw Maria, headed to Greenland. With the modern bookplate of J.K. Leeksma on pastedown and owner's stamp of J.A. van den Broek on page 51 of part 1. With the title-page and last leaf slightly soiled, some occasional smudges and one plate detached. Good copy of an extremely rare collection of disastrous voyages.
Cat. of books added to the Lib. of Congress 1868, p. 253; Landwehr & V.d. Krogt, VOC 376 (1 copy, part 5 only); Maritiemdigitaal (parts 1 & 5 only); Muller, America 3301; Sabin 77965 (Lib. of Congress copy); STCN (same copy of part 5 only).
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