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Official publications concerning the British and German claim on Angra Pequena (Lüderitz), Namibia

Angra Pequena. Correspondence respecting the settlement at Angra Pequena, on the S.W. coast of Africa. ... [C.-4190].
With:(2) Copy of a despatch from the Right Honourable the Earl of Derby, K.G., Her Majesty's high commissioner in South Africa, relative to the establishment of a German protectorate at Angra Pequena and along the neighbouring coast. ... [C.-4265].(3) Further correspondence respecting the settlement at Angra Pequena on the south-west coast of Africa (in continuation of [C.-4190] ...) ... [C.-4262].
London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1884. 3 works in 1 volume. Folio. With a folding map in ad 1 and a full-page map in ad 3. Modern blue paper wrappers. X, 60; 13, [1]; X, 75, [1 blank] pp.
€ 750
Ad 1: Official publication, presented to the British Houses of Parliament, containing correspondence concerning the German settlement at Angra Pequena or Lüderitz, Namibia. The correspondence starts with four letters written in 1880, the first letter including a translation of a German article expressing the German interest in the region. The following letters and telegrams were written in 1883 and 1884, starting with letters from July 1883, asking whether the rumours that a German trading company has bought Angra Pequena harbour are true. The land had indeed been bought by Adolf Lüderitz (1834-1886), who founded a trading post at Angra Pequena and renamed it Lüderitz. The majority of the following letters discuss the British attitude towards Germany and the new settlement, including evidence of British claim and authority in the area and orders to send gunboats to the bay. The folding map shows a large part of Namibia's coast line.
Ad 2: Official publication, presented to the British Houses of Parliament, containing a letter by the Earl of Derby, Colonial Secretary, concerning Lüderitz, with four appendices, including letters and statements from 1867 and 1868. It becomes clear that Britain doesn't have a solid claim on the territory.Ad 3: Official publication, presented to the British Houses of Parliament, containing further correspondence concerning Lüderitz from July to November 1884. Some letters deal with the official statement of the German government to treat Lüderitz as a German protectorate: German South West Africa; others with the exact boundaries of the territories belonging to Germany, Portugal and Britain.
With a small tear along the fold of the map, a few small spots, some margins slightly frayed. Overall in very good condition.
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