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Art & Architecture

Printed in the Alsace for Koberger in Nuremberg with 10 magnificent woodcuts

VIGERIUS, Marcus. Decachordum Christianum Julio II. Pont. Max. dicatum. Controversia de excellentia instrumentorum Dominicae passionis, per eundem Dn. Marcum Vigerium discussa.
[Hagenau, printed by Th. Anselm & Joh. Albertus for Joh. Koberger, Nuremberg, 1517]. Folio. With title in woodcut border by Urs Graf and 10 beautiful full-page woodcuts (ca. 13.9-14.4 x 9.7-10.2 cm) by the "Master I S with the shovel", a pupil of Hans Schäufelein. Contemporary calf over wooden boards, blind-tooled side, two brass clasps. Leaves from a 14th-century liturgical manuscript pasted on the inner sides of the boards. From the "Koberger Werkstatt". Full description
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Vignola's classic account of the five orders of architecture with “La ii parte”
and Crispijn de Passe's “Oficina arcularia“, with a total of 131 plates

VIGNOLA, Giacomo Barozzi da. Regola delli cinque ordini d'architettura ... | Regel vande vijf ordens der architecture ... | Reigle des cinq ordres d'architecture … | The rule of the V. orders of architecture …
Utrecht, Crispijn van de Passe, 1629. With full-page engraved author's portrait and 42 numbered engraved plates, versos with letterpress text in Italian, Dutch, French, and German and/or English. Plates III and XXXIIII are cancels.
(2) VIGNOLA, Giacomo Barozzi da. La ii parte dell architetura dell Vignola e'altri famossi architetti | Het tweede deel van de architectura …
[Amsterdam, Johannes Jansonius and Jan van Hilten?, ca. 1642]. With engraved title-page and 42 numbered engraved plates. Plates 1-13 with letterpress text printed on the verso describing the facing page.
(3) PASSE, Crispijn van de. Oficina arcularia in qua sunt ad spectantia diversa eximia exempla... | Bouticque menuserie ... | Schriner Laden ... | Schrinwerckers winckel.
Amsterdam, Crispijn van de Passe, 1642. With engraved title-page and 46 engraved plates. 3 complementary works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary vellum. Full description
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A classic treatise on columns in 44 plates, with 7 designs by Michelangelo

VIGNOLA, Giacomo Barozzi da. Regola delli cinque ordini d'architettura … con la nuuo [sic] agionta di Michelangelo Buonaroti di carte sette.
Rome, Francesco de Pauli, [ca. 1630]. Folio (39 x 27 cm). With 44 numbered engraved plates: title-page with the portrait of Vignola in the centre, 1 leaf with dedication and preface, and 42 architectural  plates. Contemporary limp vellum. Full description
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Most extensive edition of an architectural classic, with 128 full-page engravings
with a unique broadside poem celebrating the capture of Buda from the Ottoman Empire in 1686

VIGNOLA, Giacomo Barozzi da. Regola de' cinque ordini d'archittettura, ... con la nuova aggionta di Michael-Angelo Buonaroti. | Regel vande vijf ordens der architecture,... | Reigle des cinq ordres d'architetture, | Regel der funff Orden von Architectur,  ...| The rule of the V. orders of architecture.
Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius and Jan van Hilton, 1642. With an architectural engraved title-page for part 2, an engraved portrait of Vignola in an elaborate architectural frame, and 66 engraved architectural illustrations.
(2) PAS, Crispijn van de (I and II). Oficina arcularia in qua sunt ad spectantia diversa ... | Boutique menuserie ... | Schriner Laden ... | Schrinwerckers winckel ...
Amsterdam, Crispijn van de Pas, 1642. With an engraved title-page and 59 numbered engraved architectural plates in 6 series.
(3) [MILIARIA - BATTLE OF BUDA]. LEOPOLD I. Copiis militaribus Budam expugnantibus, & Turcas subigentibus.
[Amsterdam?, dated 1686 in chronograms]. A broadside containing a 38-line Latin poem celebrating the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by the troops of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his allies and their capture of Buda (now part of Budapest) at the Battle of Buda (or possibly celebrating the expected outcome of the battle still in progress). With 1 woodcut decorated initial and 2 decorative bands built up from arabesque typographic ornaments.
2 editions (the first in 2 parts) published together, in 1 volume. Royal folio (44 x 28 cm) plus a 1mo broadside (40 x 26.5 cm). Contemporary sheepskin parchment over flexible boards. Full description
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Beautiful watercolour drawing of a passion flower

VINNE, Jan Jansz. van der. [Passiflora caerula or blue passion flower].
[Lekzigt, near Dordrecht?, ca. 1780?]. Folio. (43 x 27.5 cm). Watercolour drawing on laid paper, signed on the back by the artist, "J. van der Vinne Jzn.". Attached by the top corners to a (19th-century?) wove millboard mount kept in a modern passe-partout. Full description
€ 16,500
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